Does Vicks Vapor Rub Cure Toenail Fungus?

If you Have been on the lookout for a remedy to toenail fungus for just a little while, you’ve probably already heard of at least a few folks discussing the prospect of utilizing Vicks Vapor Rub for nail fungus. I obviously did too quite some time ago, and right now I’d love to discuss whether or not it’s a legitimate home remedy for nail fungus hopefully assist you in making a decision concerning what could work for you.
I wind up completely quitting its use after 6 months since I did not find any significant improvements in any respect.

There All I was personally able to attain through using it for more than a month and a half has been a slightly different colour of toenail, in addition to somewhat thicker feet. I really don’t feel like that is the success I was searching for.

I Talked to my doctor about utilizing vicks for toenail fungus, and he explained that it isn’t a product which has some capability whatsoever to kill bacterium, and that I would therefore be unable to have success with it. What it might do is smother the fungus to some extent and produce your toenails look as though they may be improving because they’re softer due to the oil in vicks. On the other hand, the outcome is that your toenails won’t really be enhanced with regard to killing fungus, even though they may at least APPEAR somewhat better after a few weeks of usage. The changes won’t survive in the long run.

I Wouldn’t tell anybody to I would not advise any of my buddies, or anybody I could meet for that issue. For the majority of people who already have a constant problem with nail fungus, it is difficult enough just dealing with attempting to conceal your ugly feet. Going via the disappointment of functioning with a solution and then not seeing any consequences can be extremely tough.

I’ve since found at least a few Products which are really approved by physicians as legitimate possibilities for Removing nail fungus. I’ve seen some actual results using them, So I understand they work. Regardless of What products you Choose to examine, just Do not forget that a product using a money-back guarantee is most likely the most Legitimate alternative available. There are Tons of products That Don’t disappointed.

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